In Place: Contemporary Photographers Envision a Museum

A select group of photographers were selected to train their lenses on the Florence Griswold Museum, outside and in, to create a body of new work for the exhibition In Place: Contemporary Photographers Envision a Museum. The photographers were encouraged to focus their unique eyes on the museum’s landscape, its collections, and spaces.

(Alida Fish, Metcalf Collection #1, 2016. 24 x 20 inches. Courtesy of the Artist)

On view through January 29, 2017 Location: Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, CT

Reading the Image: Text in American Art since 1969

Reading the Image: Text in American Art since 1969 explores how contemporary artists have used text as a tool for challenging social conventions and myths. Some have reacted to the influx of text found in mass media by appropriating or mimicking common visual strategies, making statements about commercialism and American culture. Others have rejected the written word, creating their own invented languages that blur the line between image and language. Works in this exhibition participate in the search for new, different, and effective forms of artistic expression and communication.

(Carrie Weems, “Untitled”, Photographic print, Edition 15/50, 1988-1989)

On view through January 22, 2017 Location: Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London, CT

Artists of the New Deal

Artists of the New Deal showcases works by early Mystic Museum of Art artists who were employed by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. Works by Beatrice Cuming, Nat Little, and Walt Killam are among those included in this exhibition. Their artistic achievements are a testament to the federal program which allowed them to continue to develop their creativity and personal style throughout the harshest of economic times.

On view through November 12 Location: Mystic Museum of Art, Mystic, CT

Thompson Exhibition Building

Mystic Seaport recently celebrated the opening of the Thompson Exhibition Building, a 14,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility to enhance and increase the Museum’s ability to host world-class exhibits and succeed in its mission to inspire an enduring connection to America’s maritime heritage. The inaugural exhibit in the Collins Gallery, “Sea-Change,” will open on December 10, 2016. The exhibit presents a range of beautiful and unique objects drawn from the vast collections of Mystic Seaport. Each object is a survivor of the past that speaks to a notable transformation – in material, technology, the sea itself, or the broader American culture over the past 200 years. A handful of these intriguing artifacts will be on display for the first time, and all will be presented in a new setting which reveals surprising stories. Together, they give glimpses into people’s lives in different places and times, from scientific surveyors charting the Atlantic coast on the eve of the American Revolution to western merchants trading for silk and tea in 1850s China, from Arctic explorers to laborers harvesting bird guano off Peru for American farmers. The stories of transformation they relate continue to impact a contemporary audience and its experience with the sea.

Ongoing Location: Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT

Invaders: They come by Air, Land, and Water!

Invaders: They come by Air, Land, and Water! focuses on the impact that various invasive plant and animal species have had on the Connecticut River and its environs.  Featuring artwork by Michael DiGiorgio, a videography by WFSB, a learning laboratory, and more!  The exhibit will be accompanied by several related lectures throughout the season.

On view through January 23, 2017 Location: Connecticut River Museum, Essex, CT