Earning Power

NEMA, in collaboration with the American Alliance of Museums and the country's regional museum associations, is proud to announce the publication of the 2014 National Museum Salary Survey, the only comprehensive study of its kind for our diverse field. Museum professionals at all stages of their careers have demanded such a survey and we are confident this document will prove valuable for everyone. It includes detailed analysis of 51 different museum positions in a broad range of categories, both museum-related and individual.


National Museum Salary Study
NEMA has teamed up with the American Alliance of Museums, regional museum associations and several state associations to conduct a survey to determine how museums compensate their employees. The information will enable the field to understand regional similarities and differences, how the various disciplines handle compensation, and trends in employee benefits. Click here for complete details.




The 2014 National Museum Salary Survey is available to purchase from AAM's bookstore here. If you are a NEMA member you qualify for the discounted member rate of $60. Please call the NEMA office at 781-641-0013 or email heather.riggs@nemanet.org to request the discount code.


If your museum participated in the survey, AAM emailed your institution a complimentary copy in November, 2014. If you did not receive it, please contact Heather A. Riggs at heather.riggs@nemanet.org.






The 2012 National Comparative Museum Salary Study, a collaborative effort between the American Alliance of Museums, NEMA, Association of Midwest Museums, Southeast Museum Conference, and the Mountain Plains Museum Association, provides detailed salary information on 48 key full-time positions in museums, plus an overview of demographics, benefits, and selected hourly positions. The study is based on methodology developed by NEMA and used in our regional surveys for the past 25 years.

National Comparative Museum Salary Survey ImageThe survey is available free of charge to those who participated in or purchased the most recent NEMA regional salary survey. To receive your PDF copy, contact Heather A. Riggs. Or to purchase your copy of the 2012 National Comparative Museum Salary Study (including a complimentary copy of the New England regional study plus a copy of “Spot Check on the Paycheck,” NEMA’s analysis of 25 years of salary data), click here.  The price is $60 for NEMA members and $100 for non-members.