Celebrating 100+ Years of History Featuring YOU!

In our centennial year, NEMA is celebrating 100 years of New England museum history! We need your help as we collect data, stories, and images from area museums and museum professionals to tell the stories of our field and our collective growth since 1918.

Collected information will be curated and analyzed. While not all submissions will be chosen for publication, all are eligible to be included in the NEMA 100th anniversary timeline to be featured at this year's NEMA conference and/or the anniversary issue of New England Museums Now. Images and quotes may also be used for marketing purposes during the celebration of NEMA’s 100th anniversary.

Thanks for volunteering your time and expertise to fill out the survey for the benefit of the field. Please make sure that you have the right to share any images you submit, and that please be aware that by submitting, you are giving NEMA permission to use these images and information in our anniversary celebration, which may include use in conference printing and marketing, social media, the NEMA website, New England Museums Now, and a physical exhibit to take place at the NEMA conference. All submissions will be archived as part of NEMA’s institutional history.

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If you would like to share any photos, please email them to Meg Winikates at meg.winikates@nemanet.org.

Make sure to include the following, if possible:

  • Identifying information (people, date, location as known)
  • Relevant photographer credit
  • Tombstone information


Comment or questions? Please contact Meg Winikates at meg.winikates@nemanet.org.