NEMA Trendswatch Discussion

Join the NEMA staff for a discussion on the Trendswatch 2016 report on April 22nd at noon. Each year the Center for the Future of Museums, part of the American Alliance of Museums, highlights topics they consider to be important for museums and their communities. Click here to download a free copy of the report. 

This year the 5 topics concentrate on a variety of issues:

  • Labor 3.0: new jobs, or a jobless future?
  • More Than Human: extending the spectrum of ability
  • Me/We/Here/There: museums and the matrix of place-based augmented devices
  • Capture the Flag: the struggle over representation & identity
  • Happiness: because you get what you measure

The publication provides numerous examples on each topic, discussing in which way they are or will become relevant for museums and society and suggests possibilities on how museums could respond to these trends.


Some things to think about as you are reading the report and preparing for the NEMA discussion:

  • How are these trends playing out in your community, state, region or county?
  • Which trends are likely to have the greatest effect on your organization?
  • How might your museum take advantage of the opportunities or avoid the risks these trends present?

We encourage you to read the report and join us on April 22 at noon for an online discussion.