NEMA/ Qm2 Executive Roundtable

 For executive directors of museums with budgets $800,000 – $1.4 million.

ClementsFor more than 20 years, the Museum Directors’ Roundtables facilitated by consulting group Qm2 have been acclaimed as some of the most valuable professional development available to the U.S. museum field. Now, by exclusive arrangement, NEMA is offering New England museum directors the opportunity to participate in a special Qm2 roundtable that is affordable both in cost and in time commitment.

The NEMA/ Qm2 Executive Roundtable is a peer-learning group in which leaders from diverse organizations meet regularly to support, challenge, and learn from one another. Modeled after the highly-successful Qm2 roundtable program, currently serving more than 60 leaders from around the nation, the NEMA/ Qm2 Executive Roundtable is designed for NEMA institutional members with annual budgets from $800,000 to $1.4 million.

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The NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable includes:

  • Three meetings per year, including one session at the annual NEMA conference
  • Inter-meeting web conferences and conference calls
  • Trio groups for peer support
  • Unlimited phone consultation with NEMA/Qm2 facilitator Mary Case
  • Management Briefings – concise, practical handouts on critical management topics
  • Self-assessment tools and materials to help you better understand yourself, your board and staff
  • O'Rork QuoteComplimentary registration to the annual NEMA conference ($300+ value)

The cost to join the NEMA/Qm2 Executive Roundtable is $1,500 per year (includes NEMA conference registration). Click here for an application.

For more detailed information, click here. If you would like to discuss the Roundtable, contact Mary Case (202-256-6439, or Dan Yaeger (781-641-0013,