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Culinary Arts Museum

315 Harborside Blvd, Providence, RI 02905

If you think that the Culinary Arts Museum is a museum just for food historians, or for chefs, or for your grandparents, then keep reading! The Culinary Arts Museum is a museum for anyone who eats. Yes, we do have antique pots and pans, stoves and appliances, but we also have so much more: Come to the Country Fair and play a quick round of skee ball. Find out what it was like to travel and dine on an ocean liner – before cruise ships became the all-inclusive vacation destinations that they are today. Learn all about how the first “fast food” establishment, the diner, got its start in Providence, RI. Travel back in time to the unpaved roads of ancient Rome and China. And, of course, come to see the stunning showpieces and wedding cakes that were created by Johnson & Wales instructors and students.