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Medad Stone Tavern

197 Three Mile Course, Guilford, CT 06437

The Medad Stone Tavern Museum. a 14 room and 10 fireplace Dutch Gambrel style building was built in 1803 by Medad Stone to serve as a Tavern. He had built it away from the town green because he thought the Boston Post Road would be rerouted. As it was not rerouted that way, it never opened. For almost 200 years it was farmed by the Davis family. In 2001 Leonard Davis Hubbard bequeathed the Tavern to the Guilford Keeping Society including everything in the Tavern. The GKS restored the Tavern to what it was in 1803 and opened it as "the Tavern that opened 200 years late". The property also holds a barn, corn crib and extensive fields. It is the home of the Leonard Hubbard Community Garden.
It also house the Edith Nettleton Archives Room which contains the Societies over 600 glass plate and regular negatives of pictures of Guilford. The archives of the families who lived in the Tavern from 1803-2001 are also housed in this room. They include diaries, letters, ledgers, newspapers and legal documents.