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Owls Head Transportation Museum

117 Museum St. , PO Box 277 , Owls Head, ME 04854

At the Owls Head Transportation Museum we pride ourselves in operating our world-class collection of more than 150 cars, aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, carriages, engines and more. In 2015 we are pleased to showcase additions to our collections of both ground vehicles and aircraft including our newest collection airplane, the beautiful 1930 Travel Air Speedwing that appeared in multiple feature films during the 1930s.

Our newest exhibition, "Faster: The Quest For Speed" features an array of exceptional antique race cars, bicycles and motorcycles from premiere collections throughout the Northeast including the 1915 Duesenberg "Benedict Special" racer that famously won second place in the 1916 Indy 500, a Ferrari F2002 Formula I driven by the legendary Michael Schumacher, a 1955 Vincent Black Shadow Motorcycle and our own exceptional 1907 Renault Vanderbilt Racer.

In addition to our permanent and rotating exhibits, the Museum offers a broad range of educational events both on and offsite. Workshops include student activities, guest speakers and hands-on, interactive activities for all ages.

Our aircraft collection features an array of authentic and replica aircraft, primarily of a pre-1920 vintage. Highlights include our 1917 Curtiss Jenny, 1918 Standard J-1 and 1930 Pitcairn PA-7S Sport Mailwing. All ground vehicles and aircraft are maintained in dedicated onsite restoration facilities that are regularly open to the public allowing visitors to access and learn about museum projects as they occur.

Visit to view our collection seven days a week, year round or plan to attend one of our premier summer events and witness our collection in motion as we demonstrate a broad range of automobiles and aircraft. Visitors under 18 and retired and active duty military personnel are admitted free. A visit to the Museum is certain to dazzle transportation and history enthusiasts of all ages.