NEMA remains committed to the very urgent problem of helping diversify the museum field. As you may recall, this issue has been a high priority for us for several years, and we have successfully made some headway. We’ve convened a Diversity Task Force, which has guided our direction. We’ve provided leadership to national diversity initiatives, which promise to bear fruit to the field. And we’ve raised funds to get started on tangible programs that make a difference.

Now, NEMA would like you to consider helping us in our diversity quest by contributing to “NEMAppeal 2016.”

New England's museum field is many things: caring, committed, enthusiastic. Unfortunately, diversity is not one of our strong suits. If our field does not diversify, museums will fail to reflect the culturally varied nature of their communities. And that means our institutions will become increasingly irrelevant in an increasingly multicultural age.

Once again this year we are building our NEMA Diversity Fund, which helps fund scholarships to college students and museum professionals from diverse social, economic, racial, or ethnic backgrounds so that they can attend the annual NEMA conference. By introducing college students to the wonderful world of museums that we all love, we hope they might be inspired to join us someday as colleagues. The Diversity Fund also helps NEMA offer assistive services to keep our programs fully accessible.

We need your help to reach this lofty objective, which is why we've created "NEMAppeal 2016." For just one week, June 6 - 10, 2016, we're asking the NEMA family to contribute toward this fund. Our goal is $10,000, which will allow us to provide free registration, meals, and a small stipend for our 2016 NEMA conference in Mystic, Connecticut, November 9 - 11, as well as assistive services at the conference and other programming throughout the year.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to NEMAppeal, click on the "Donate Today" button and choose your level of donation. Whether it's $10 or $100, please give whatever feels right for you. But please give. Your generosity helps our museum field pursue a future of inclusion and openness that will really make a difference.

Remember, the deadline is June 10. Thanks for your donation!






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