How can museums help us (re)learn the art of conversation?
In What is the political role of art education in rural communities? Kate Baird, museum educator at the Springfield Art Museum, explored experiences with art education in conversation with three of her colleagues. In this post, Kate continues sharing her ideas about how museums can play an essential role in cultivating much-needed conversation in our communities.

8 Fundraising Tools to Watch in 2017
Digital payments are going to make a big impact on social and mobile media in 2017, but there are some new fundraising services and niche tools and apps that speak to current fundraising trends in the nonprofit sector i.e., the decreased of use cash, the rapid rise of the app economy, and gaming for good.

Forum Museum: Communities and Museums Collide
Marissa Brett Lauren Walker discusses the evolving perception of community in museums.

FutureLab: Hiring Bias
Nicole Ivy discusses hiring biases on the Center for the Future of Museums blog.

The Thin Ice in Your Museum Leadership
Joan Baldwin muses about bring a good leader.

Should museums have a personality?
In a medium where tone and voice are key, what does it mean to funnel a museum’s online presence through a unique filter: ourselves?

Seeing through Data: Visiting the Museum with the Eyes of an Information Designer
Giorgia Lupi explores what using data — small and subjective data — as an observational tool and as a creative material could bring to, for example, the way we experience an exhibition.

Five little-known email metrics to boost engagement and fundraising
It’s no secret that effective use of email communications is a pillar of nonprofit engagement and fundraising strategies. But how important is it, exactly?