NEMA News Archive

Summer 2017: Museum Exhibitions (click here to view)

  • Concept, Construction, and Community: 2017 Exhibit Design Benchmarking Survey by  Meg Winikates, Membership & Advocacy Manager, NEMA
  • City Science: the Science You Live by Betsy Loring, Director of Exhibits, EcoTarium
  • New Tour Experience and Freshly Preserved Interiors Await Visitors to Hartford’s Harriet Beecher Stowe House by Catherine Burton, Ph.D., Museum Educator, Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
  • NEMA 2017 Publication Award Winners by Scarlett V. Hoey, Program Administrator, ArtsWorester and NEMA YEP Co-Chair

Spring 2017: Museums Beyond the Walls (click here to view)

  • The Hood Now: A Museum without Wall by John Stomberg, Director, Hood Museum of Art
  • What We Did with Our (Non) Summer Vacation: An Outreach Partnership by Kathleen Holko, Manager of School & Tour Services and Corinne Flax, Manager of School & Community Partnerships, Bruce Museum
  • A Treehouse Opens at the Discovery Museum by Shana Dumont Garr, Curator, Fruitlands Museum
  • Learning from Outliers: Exhibits in Everyday Places by Matt Kirchman, President & Principal Planner, Object Idea and NEMA Board Member
  • The Three Sides of Organizational Diversity by Wyona Lynch-McWhite, Vice President, Arts Consulting Group and NEMA Board Member

Fall 2016: Museum Marketing (click here to view)

  • Beyong the Media Buy: Marketing Museums with Today's Techniques by Meg Winikates, Membership and Advocacy Manager, New England Museum Association
  • Redefining the Internship by Monika Bernotas and Alli Rico, NEMA Young and Emerging Museum Professionals PAG Chairs
  • 2016 Excellence Award Winners

Summer 2016: Museum Collections (click here to view)

  • Managing Our Collections: NEMA Benchmarking Survey 2016 by Florentina Gutierrez, 2016 Summer Intern, New England Museum Association
  • Capitalizing on Collections: Digitization Collaborations by Kayla Hopper, Outreach Coordinator, American Antiquarian Society
  • Behind the Curtain: Visible Storage in the Historic House by Tania Batley, Curator-Collections Manager Lefferts Historic House, Brooklyn, New York
  • Authenticity and Accessibility: Perspectives on Historic and Contemporary Art Reproductions by Hannah Weisman, Director of Education, Boston Athenæum
  • Found! Abandoned Property in the Museum by Gilbert Whittemore,Chair, Museum and Arts Law Committee, Section of Science and Technology Law, American Bar Association; Of Counsel, Rath, Young and Pignatelli, P.C., Boston, MA
  • NEMA 2016 Publication Award Winners by Scarlett V. Hoey, Program Administrator, ArtsWorester and NEMA YEP Co-Chair

Spring 2016: Museum Attendance Trends in New England (click here to view)

  • Museum Attendance Trends: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Meg Winikates, Membership and Advocacy Manager, New England Museum Association
  • Museums, Metrics, and What Really Matters by Amy E. Briggs, Director of Museum Education, Danforth Art Museum/School
  • Big Data Results on a Small Data Scale by Emily Robertson, Independent Museum Consultant
  • Those Tricky Numbers

Fall 2015: The Language of Museums (click here to view)

  • The Language of Museum by Sarah Franke, Principal, MuseumBabel
  • Joyful Museums: Together We Can Make Work Better by Marieke Van Damme, Executive Director, Cambridge Historical Society
  • Speaking of Inclusivity by Margaret Middleton, Exhibit Designer, Boston Children's Museum
  • The Values Portfolio Workbook:  Maine’s Approach to Values-based Collection Assessment by By Sheri Leahan, Executive Director, Washburn-Norlands Living History Center; NEMA Board

Summer 2015: Museum Education (click here to view)

  • The Responsibility of Museum Education By By NEMA Education PAG Chairs Jenn DePrizio, Director of Learning and Interpretation, Portland Museum of Art and Elisabeth Nevins, Independent Museum Professional, Seed Education Consulting
  • The “Who’s and How’s” of Museum Education in New England By Meg Winikates, Membership and Advocacy Manager, New England Museum Association
  • Accessibility and Education in Museums By Hannah Goodwin, Manager of Accessibility, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Meet Your New Museum Tour Guide: The Game-Master/ Oracle/ Renegade By Dawn Salerno, Director of Education, Mystic Arts Center
  • The Common Core State Standards: Implications for Museum Educators By Carolin Collins, Education Program Manager, Historic New England

Winter 2015: Governance (click here to view)

  • Essential Leadership: Investigating the Future of Museum Governance By Dan Yaeger, Executive Director, New England Museum Association
  • The Legal Obligations of Museum Board Members By Ethan Klepetar, Senior Associate, Parese, Sabin, Smith & Gold, LLP
  • Board Dynamics: An Interview with Ronda Faloon and John Cunningham of the Cape Ann Museum
  • Board Education: Making Good Trustees into Great Trustees By Mary Baily Wieler, President, The Museum Trustee Association
  • So you have a consent agenda… now how do you fill a board meeting? By Laura B. Roberts, Principal, Roberts Consulting

Fall 2014: Museums, Health, and Wellness (click here to view)

  • Museums, Health, and Wellness By Carol Parker, Intern, New England Museum Association
  • Medical Mysteries of a Museum Mummy By Margaret Tamulonis, Manager, Collections & Exhibitions, Fleming Museum of Art
  • Mindful Observation: Art Museums in the Education of Healthcare Professionals By Alexa Miller, Founder and Consultant in Arts and Clinical Learning, ArtsPractica with contributions by Michelle Grohe, Director of School and Teacher Programs, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and S. Hollis Mickey, Assistant Educator, Gallery Interpretation, RISD Museum
  • Art and Healing at Danforth Art By Amy Briggs, Assistant Director of Visitor Learning & Experience, Danforth Art, Museum\School

Summer 2014: Technology in Museums (click here to view)

  • Museums, Technology, and Their Sometimes Awkward Embrace By Dan Yaeger, Executive Director, New England Museum Association
  • Finding the “Best Tech” for Your Museum By Paul Orselli, Chief Instigator, POW! Paul Orselli Workshop, Inc.
  • “Low Tech,” Not “No Tech” By Janice O’Donnell, Executive Director and Robin Meisner, Exhibits Director, Providence Children’s Museum
  • Big Impact, Low Cost: Tech Tricks for Small Museums By Carrie Midura, Programs & PR Manager, Andover Historical Society
  • Social Media and Museums: A Collective Memory and a Collective Challenge By  Josephine Patterson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, MIT Museum

Fall 2013: Museum Ethics ( PDF )

  • Butterfly Ethics: Your Actions Make a Difference By Dan Yaeger, Executive Director, New England Museum Association
  • Mission vs. Money: Surveying the Landscape of Museum Ethics By Rebecca Smith, Assistant Curator, Chatham Marconi Maritime Center
  • Writing an Institutional Code of Ethics By Ariana Carella, Information Center Manager, American Alliance of Museums
  • Deaccessioning: A Necessary Evil or a Last Resort? By Bryan Kelly, Master's Degree Candidate, Museum Studies Program, Harvard University Extension School

Summer 2013: Legal Issues ( PDF )

  • Endowments: Lockbox or Cookie Jar? By Mark S. Gold, Parese, Sabin, Smith & Gold, LLP
  • What is the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor? Why Does it Matter to Museums?
    By Ethan S. Klepetar, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Sherwood Guernsey
  • Found! Abandoned Property in the Museum By Gilbert Whittemore, Of Counsel, Rath, Young and Pignatelli, P.C.
  • Orphan Works: Handle with Care By Katherine E. Lewis, Attorney at Law 
  • Liquor Liability and Museums By Jeffrey Hurwit, Attorney at Law

Spring 2013: Public Safety in Museums ( PDF )

  • Emergency Planning for Museums By Michael Kirchner, Director of Safety and Security, Harvard Art Museums
  • Defusing Potentially Dangerous Situations: A Protocol for Disruptive Visitors By Austin Sharpe, Director of Security, Addison Gallery of American Art
  • Clear Communications: Necessary in a Crisis By Erin Merz, Manager of Media & Public Relations, Mystic Aquarium
  • Public Safety Technology for Today's Dynamic Museum By Jim Culyer, VP, Sales & Services, Acuity-vct/GTS, NY

Winter 2013: The Best of Conference ( PDF )

  • Putting Visitors First: a Creative Approach to Customer Service Training By Jennifer M. DePrizio, Director of Visitor Learning, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Dogs and Cats Living Together: Exhibit Design as a Collaboration between Educators and Curators
    By Devon Kurtz, Director of Education, and Jeffrey L. Forgeng, Paul S. Morgan Curator, Higgins Armory Museum
  • How Tablet Computing is Changing the World By Kathy Burton Jones, Assistant Director and Research Advisor, Harvard Museum Studies Program, and Brad Larson, Principal, Brad Larson Media
  • The Dos, Don'ts & Dividends of Collaborating on Digital Projects By Clarissa Ceglio, Research Associate, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
  • Balanced Scorecard: 13 Strategic Resolutions for the New Year By Sue Dahling Sullivan, Chief of Staff, Citi Performing Arts Center
  • 10 Resolutions for Your Museum Career By Kate Laurel Burgess-Mac Intosh
  • 2012 Leaders in Innovation Award Winner

Fall 2012: Museum Innovation ( PDF )

  • Visionary Innovation: An Interview with Elizabeth Merritt
  • Strategic Innovation: A Few Random Thoughts on Continuous Innovation for Museums in a New Economy
    By Dorothy Chen-Courtin, MBA, PhD, President, Marketing & Management Associates for Nonprofits
  • Practical Innovation: Managing Your Museum's Investment in Social Media By Bobbie Carlton, Carlton PR & Marketing
  • Popular Innovation: Crowdsourcing and the 2013 #NEMATheme By Kate Laurel Burgess-Mac Intosh, Principal, Revitalizing Historic Sites

Summer 2012: Museums and the Community ( PDF )

  • New England Museums as Civic Institutions By Tegan Kehoe, Education Associate, The Bostonian Society
  • Community Controversy: Can it be Positive? By Carol Crossed, President, Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum
  • Navigating Change in a Diverse Community By Patricia Violette, Executive Director and Curator of the Shirley-Eustis House Association
  • Are You Thinking of Starting a Community Collaboration?
  • 2012 Publication Awards

Spring 2012: Museum Work 1982-2012 ( PDF )

  • Spot Check on the Paycheck: Museum Salaries & Benefits 1985 - 2010 By Dan Yaeger, Executive Director, and Heather A. Riggs, Communications and Operations Manager, New England Museum Association
  • How Far We've Come! By Jan Crocker, with contributions by Deb Sovinee, partners at Jan Crocker Museum Associates
  • The Path to the Top: An Interview with Museum CEOs
  • A Brief History of Museum Directors By Susie Stockwell, Head of Marketing and PR, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
  • A Look Back and a View Forward By Joseph R. Phillips, (former) Director, Maine State Museum

Winter 2012: The Survival Issue ( PDF )

  • Surviving the Unspeakable: How Museum Directors Face Down Disaster By Dan Yaeger, Executive Director, New England Museum Association
  • From Crisis to Opportunity: The Anatomy of a Museum Merger By Mark Thompson, Executive Director, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, MD, and former Director, Portland Harbor Museum
  • When the Lights Go Out For the Last Time: What Happens When Museums Close By Mark S. Gold, Esq., Parese, Sabin, Smith & Gold and Member, NEMA Board of Directors
  • Understanding Organizational Lifecycles By Laura B. Roberts, Principal, Roberts Consulting
  • 2011 Leaders in Innovation Award Winner
    Human Capital – Our Most Valuable Resource By Mike Flinton, NEMA Human Resources & Volunteer Professional Affinity Group Co-chair

Fall 2011: Access and Museums ( PDF )

  • Open Your Doors to Access By Hannah Goodwin, Manager of Accessibility, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Alzheimer's Program Offers Joy to Both Visitors and Staff By Noelle Foye, Education Director, Fuller Craft Museum
  • Universal Design and Exhibits at the Museum of Science, Boston By Anna Lindgren-Streicher, Project Manager, Research & Evaluation, and Juli Goss, Senior Research and Evaluation Assistant, Museum of Science, Boston
  • Accessibility Resources for New England Museums By Charles J. Washburn, Executive Director, VSA Massachusetts, and Betty Siegel, Director of VSA and Accessibility, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Summer 2011: Living Collections ( PDF )

  • NEMA Inquires: How Living Collections Bring Museums to Life
  • Fat Mice, Chicks, and Tamarins: Introducing Live Animals into a Museum Exhibit By Lew Stevens, Senior Curator, Living Collections, Museum of Science, Boston
  • EcoTarium Bids Farewell to Kenda the Polar Bear By Sally Anne Giedrys, Interim Marketing Communications Manager, EcoTarium
  • 2011 NEMA Publication Awards

Winter 2011: Museums as Advocates for Change ( PDF )

  • Environmental Advocacy in Free Choice Institutions By Phelan R. Fretz Ph.D. Executive Director, ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, located at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
  • Museums as Catalysts for Change By Laura B. Roberts, Principal, Roberts Consulting
  • Opportunity and Great Risk: Daring to Make It Happen! By Susan Beane, Archivist/Public Relations Coordinator and Rachel Desgrosseilliers, Executive Director, Museum L-A
  • The Soapbox Manifesto: Museums and Their Duty to the Common Good By Dan Yaeger, Executive Director, New England Museum Association
  • 2010 Leaders in Innovation Awards

Fall 2010: Museums and Membership ( PDF )

  • Museum Membership Programs in New England: the 2010 Survey
  • Curate Your Own Membership: An Interview with the Whitney's Director of Membership By Nina Simon, Principal of Museum 2.0 and author of The Participatory Museum
  • Young Membership Programs By Carrie Dedon, Exhibit Interpreter, Boston Children's Museum
  • Ladder of Giving - How Do You Build It and Who Should Climb It? By Heather Reisz, Director of Research, and Prospect Development and Bill McAvoy, Director of Development, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Summer 2010: Why We Need Social Media ( PDF )

  • Social Media and New England Museums: Making Our Presence Known by Kate Laurel Burgess
    Twitter-powered Events by Bobbie Carlton
  • Measuring Social Media by Lesly L. Attarian
  • Knitting Together Your Website, Email, and Social Media Content by Kivi Leroux Miller
  • Glossary of Social Media Terms
  • Creating Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map by We Are Media Project
  • Due to a production error pages 17-20 were omitted from some copies of the summer NEMA News. Click here to download the pages.

Spring 2010: The Mission, The Need, The Volunteer Part II ( PDF )

  • From Teens to Seniors: Effective Volunteer Programs for All Ages (Including you!) by Morgan Fippinger
  • Creating Good Internships Introduction by Cynthia Robinson, Museum Studies Director, Tufts University
  • Want to Build Capacity? Tap into Boomer Volunteers' Professional Experience by Jill Friedman Fixler and Beth Steinhorn
  • Recognizing Volunteers by Jeanne H. Bradner

Winter 2010: The Mission, The Need, The Volunteer ( PDF )

  • New Opportunities in National Service Programs by Laura B. Roberts
  • Volunteer Docents vs. Paid Interpreters: Which is Right For Your Museum? by Tara Young
  • Tracking Volunteer Time to Boost Your Bottom Line: A Complete Accounting Guide by Dennis Walsh
  • The Power of Play: Innovations in Messaging the Mission by Megan Fischer

Fall 2009: Is the Public Still Visiting Museums? ( PDF )

  • Happy Days in 2009? Attendance Survey
  • Focus and Consistency Build Success for the Newport Mansions by Trudy Coxe
  • Museum Attendance Trends at the Custom House Maritime Museum by Susan Tamulevich
  • Attendance Stories
  • Soaking it in: Learning Strategies for Conference by Dawn Estabrooks Salerno

Summer 2009: Collaborating—Everybody’s Doing It ( PDF )

  • The Chattanooga Museums Collaboration by Heather DeGaetano
  • The Maine Art Museum Trail: 7 Museums, 53,000 Works of Art, 167 Scenic Miles by Kristen Levesque and Sarah Gallagher
  • Four Keys to Collaboration Success by Carol Lukas and Rebecca Andrews
  • Twenty Factors Influencing Collaboration Success by Paul Mattessich, Marta Murray-Close and Barbara Monsey

Spring 2009: Why We Value Museums ( PDF )

  • The View from Outside the Museum compiled by Kate Viens and Heather A. Riggs
  • Museums Working in the Public Interest by the American Association of Museums
  • The Arts as Catalyst Across Contexts: Linking Classrooms, Community, and Museums by Roberta Altman
  • Museums and the Creative Economy: Who Counts? by Dee Schneidman
  • Making Sense of Online Resources

Winter 2009: Exhibitions: A Look Ahead! ( PDF )

  • The Audience-Focused Exhibit by Ann Y. Smith
  • It’s All About Visitor Experience: Recent Discussions in Exhibition Design by Anne von Stuelpnagel
  • Exhibit Tech: New-Tech, High- Tech, and Low-Tech for Museums by Paul Orselli

Fall 2008: Fundraising for Today ( PDF )

  • Don’t Panic, Dig Deeper and Dare To Say No: A Primer for Hard Economic Times by Dr. Scott T. Swank
  • Converting Members into Donors by Michael Madura
  • Effective Advocacy: Just Another Form of Donor Development by Gail Ravnitzky Silberglied
  • 10 Online Marketing Strategies for Fundraising in Challenging Times by Vinay Bhagat

Summer 2008: Trends in Museum Education ( PDF )

  • A “Perfect Storm”: The Impact of NCLB and Transportation Costs on School Visitation at Museums by Kay Simpson
  • Giving Everything You’ve Got: It’s All About Access by Anne Butler Rice
  • Audience Development Through Cyberspace: WAM’s Online Forum by Martina Tanga

Spring 2008: The Green Movement in Museums

  • Great! We’re Going Green! Now What? by Sarah S. Brophy and Elizabeth Wylie
  • Small Museums, Real Impact by Amy Montague
  • Building our Largest Exhibit – Our Green Building by Neil Gordon
  • “Green” Museum Projects in New England

Winter 2008: Museum Leaders and Tomorrow's Challenges ( PDF )

  • On Being Executive Director of a Museum by Emily Curran
  • The Director's Position as a Second Career by Mark R. Thompson
  • Reflections on the Road Ahead
  • NEMA Keynote: What Makes a Museum? It's Not as Easy as It Sounds by Harold Skramstad

Fall 2007: Technology and the 21st Century Museum ( PDF )

  • Putting Your Collections Online: Is It Possible? by Cindy Mackey and Anne Vosikas
  • Blog Addison: A Peek Behind the Curtain by James Sousa
  • Technology Fundamentals: An Interview with Jim Olson by Michelle Stahl
  • Self-Guided Audio Tours and Small Museums by Susan A. Kaplan
  • Beyond the Case Statement: Your Grant Proposal by Marc Osten, Susan Myrland, and Katrin Verclas
  • Museums Online
  • Glossary of Terms

Summer 2007: Museum Attendance Trends Update ( PDF )

  • NEMA 2007 Museum Attendance Survey
  • New England Museum Success Stories
  • Metrics of Success in Art Museums by Maxwell L. Anderson
  • Understanding Our Audience and Supporters through Attendance Trends by Flavia Cigliano
  • Exploring the Current and Future of New England Museums and Digital Culture by Trevor Nesbit

Spring 2007: Collections Planning ( PDF )

  • Collection Planning Overview by Raney Bench
  • Short Term Collections Planning by Valarie J. Kinkade
  • Museum Collecting for the Long Term: The Basics by Paul O’Pecko
  • Donor PR 101 by Kate Viens

Winter 2006-07: Advocacy and Museums

  • Make the Most of a New Post-Election Landscape by Ember Farber
  • Why Aren’t We at the Table? by Dan Hunter
  • An Advocacy Caveat: Pay Close Attention to Your Sources of Support by Scott Stevens
  • Connecting the Cultural Sector with Local Government and Business by Jerry S. Moore
  • What You Can and Cannot Do by Jason Hall     

Fall 2006: The Creative Economy

  • Museums in the Creative Economy by Beate Becker
  • The Preservation of Innovation at Slater Mill by Francine Murphy-Brillon
  • The Farnsworth Art Museum and the Creative Economy by Lora S. Urbanelli
  • Vermont’s Creative Communities Program by Helen Labun Jordan
  • Massachusetts Launches Landmark Cultural Facilities Fund by Greg Liakos
  • The Creative Industries in New Hampshire
  • The Creative Cluster in Connecticut reported by An-Ming Truxes

Summer 2006: Increasing Cultural Diversity

  • Engaging Latino Communities by Maria F. Cabrera
  • Opening Doors, Inviting Diversity by Sheryl Mays
  • Fefa’s Market by Janice O’Donnell
  • To Each Its Own Spirit: The Approach and Appropriate Care of Native American Collections by Linda Coombs

Spring 2006: Marketing Your Museum

  • Basics of Marketing by The New York Foundation for the Arts
  • Public Service Announcements by The New York Foundation for the Arts
  • The Power of Ten by Nora Maroulis and Tony Maroulis
  • Advertising by The New York Foundation for the Arts
  • The Brightest Marketers Do Their Research, First by Amy Athey McDonald
  • Measuring Effectiveness by David A. Karns and Zahava D. Doering
  • Marketing Exhibitions: Will They Come? by David A. Karns and Zahava D. Doering
  • Experience Marketing as an Overall Strategy by David A. Karns and Zahava D. Doering
  • Direct Marketing for Museums by Jamie Clements
  • What’s All the Buzz About E-marketing? by Maren Brown
  • Buzz Marketing Brainstorm by Dresden Engle
  • Anniversaries as Marketing Tools: Why Bother? by Jeanne Yocum and Harron Ellenson

Winter 2005-06: Disaster Planning. Are You Ready? ( PDF )

  • Emergency: If You’re First from AIC
  • Disaster Planning by Beth Lindblom Patkus and Karen Motylewski
  • Contents of a Disaster Plan from Southeastern Library Network
  • Disaster Plan Exercise by the California Preservation Program

Fall 2005: Museum Ethics for a New World, Part 2, Staff ( PDF )

  • Ethics: Essential Treatment Helps Inspire Collaborative Success by Paul Fontaine
  • Ethics and the Museum Collection
  • Exhibition Ethics in the Non-collecting Museum: Looking Through the Other End of the Telescope and Finding Someone Looking Back by Harry Philbrick
  • IMPs and Ethics by the IMP PAG Working Committee
  • How Much Donor Involvement is Too Much? By the Association of Fundraising Professionals

Summer 2005: Museum Ethics for a New World, Part 1, Boards ( PDF )

  • Developing and Following a Code of Ethics by Diane Kopec
  • In Principle, In Practice: Ethical Museum Governance under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by Jane Piasecki
  • Panel Proposes Measures to Strengthen Nonprofit Accountability
  • Board Orientation: The Cornerstone of Board Development
  • The Accreditation Commission’s Expectations Regarding An Institutional Code of Ethics
  • How do we Safeguard Against Conflict of Interest?
  • Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, and the Duty of Obedience
  • Removing a Board Member

Spring 2005: Collections Storage Solutions

  • Funding for Collections Storage by Cathi Comar
  • Preparing your Collection for Temporary Storage by Linda Delone Best
  • Planning a Storage Facility that Meets Your Museum’s Needs
  • Making Storage Collections Available to Researchers and the General Public by Ned Lazaro

Winter 2004-05: Exhibit Trends ( PDF )

  • Exhibit Survey—results from survey conducted November 2004
  • Critical Thoughts About Design by Kevin Coffee
  • The Magic of Your Own Changing Exhibit by Gail Ringel
  • Borrowing and Lending Traveling Exhibits by Jonathan Shay
  • Hiring an Exhibit Design Consultant for the First Time? Tips from a Designer’s Perspective
    by Douglas Simpson
  • Exhibit Collaborative Builds the Right Environment by Sally Anne Giedrys
  • Education and the Traveling Exhibition by Julie Bernson

Fall 2004: Earned Income ( PDF )

  • The Museum Meets the In-Laws: Developing a Successful Facility Rental Program
  • The Museum and the Caterer: A Value-Added Relationship By Jim Lawler
  • Vending Machines Provide Food, Beverages and Possibly Profits By Arthur M. Manask
  • Achieving Success in Your Museum Store By Judy Flam and Arch Horst
  • Focus Your Promotion Efforts with a Marketing Plan By Becki Swinehart
  • Candlelight, A Glass of Wine and UBIT: A Food and Facilities Tax Primer By Jeffrey Hurwit

Summer 2004: Museum Membership Programs ( PDF )

  • Questions & Answers from Museum Membership Staff
  • Membership Programs in New England's Museums
  • Making the Grade: Measuring the Efforts of Your Membership Program by Dana Hines
  • 29 Ways to Get & Keep More Members: Nuggets of Knowledge Every Membership Manager Should Know by Dana Hines
  • Seven Characteristics of Highly Successful Membership Programs by William Mott
  • Are Museum Memberships Tax Deductible? by Barry G. Szczesny
  • The Do's and Don'ts of a Successful Membership Survey by KDV
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing to Grandparents by Katherine Khalife
  • Mini-Survey on Why Donors Support Museums and What Influences Their Philanthropic Choices?
  • Mini-Survey of Museum E-Newsletters

Spring 2004: The Educational Mission of Museums: Beyond School Times ( PDF )

  • Beyond School Time in Action, in New England’s Museums
  • An Interview with Michelle Seligson by Kathleen Hart, Harvard Family Research Project
  • The Role of Cultural Institutions in After-School Programs by Jennifer Davis and David Farbman, Massachusetts 2020
  • Afterschool Programs and Museums by Patricia M. Barnicle
  • Museum/After School Collaboration: Partnering for a Common Cause by Tim Porter and Virginia Vogel Zanger
  • After School Programs at the Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT – excerpted from survey responses by Christine Jewell

Winter 2003-04: Museum Collections

  • Collections Planning—Results from the National Colloquium by Elizabeth Merritt
  • Annual Maintenance Programs for Outdoor Sculpture by Katie Holbrow
  • Overview of Legal Issues for Digitization by Melissa Smith Levine
  • Reflections on Museum Collections, Passion & Principles by Harvey Green, Northeastern University
  • Signature Objects for Museum Exhibits by Karin Goldstein

Fall 2003: Around the Region in 80 Days – Museum Projects

  • Saving Maine’s Colors: Collaborative Strategies in Flag Conservation and Exhibition at the Maine State Museum by Laureen LaBar, Maine State Museum and Gwen Spicer, Delmar, NY
  • Do Natural History Collections Belong in Art Museums? by Jane Winchell, PEM
  • SPNEA and MASS MoCA: Mix it Up by Carol Iacobucci & Kenneth Turino, SPNEA
  • Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Organizational Change Kathleen Spector, First Light Enterprises
  • To Tour or Not to Tour: The Mixed Benefits of Museum Sponsored Travel by Michael Induni
  • Asking the Right Questions: Getting the Most for Your Publications Dollar by Brian D. Hotchkiss, Vern Associates, Inc.

Summer 2003: Natural Evolution in Museums – Board Reflections ( PDF )

  • The Value of Discussion
  • Why We Value Museums by NEMA Board Members
  • Observations on Mission & Values
  • Mission, Vision & Value Statements From New England Museums
  • A Few Words About Boards – recorded at a roundtable discussion of the NEMA board
  • A Few Words About Defining Museums
  • A Few Words About Future Leadership– recorded at a roundtable discussion of NEMA board

Spring 2003: 2, 4, 6, 8, Why Should We Evaluate? Evaluation for Museums

  • Outcome Based Evaluation – drawn from IMLS website
  • Evaluation That Really Works by Julie Pokela
  • Evaluation Stories from the Region
  • Front-End Evaluation: A Vital Tool for Exhibit and Program Planning by Minda Borum
  • Many Modes of Interaction with Visitors by Z. Dorring & A. Pakarik
  • Ethical Considerations by Z. Dorring & A. Pakarik
  • Instructions for Interviewers
  • Glossary of Terms

Winter 2002: Education, Enterprise & Economics: The Value of Museums (available in .pdf format only)

  • The Public Value of Museums by M. Christine DeVita
  • Museums Do Make a Difference in the Lives of Many, Many People by David Ellis
  • Confessions of a Museum Junkie– by Ann Porter
  • The Real Thing by Revell Carr
  • Nonprofits and Governement: What You Can and Can't Do by Jason Y Hall
  • Designing a Grants Filing System that Works by Henry Flood

Fall 2002: Human Resources ( PDF )

  • Going Up or Going Down? A Comparison of NEMA’s Salary & Benefits Surveys
  • What Should Not Be Kept in the Regular Personnel File?
  • Don’t Take Them for Granted: Holding On to Good Staff by Leigh Branham
  • Pitfalls in Employee Selections by Leigh Branham
  • Employment Interviewing Quiz
  • Executive Transition: A Powerful Opportunity for Change – excerpted from 1997 interview of Sean Bailey reprinted courtesy PNN Online
  • Tips for Supporting Staff Through an Executive Transition by Anne Butterfield
  • New Research Reveals Interim Leadership Patterns – by David M. Tanner
  • Preparing for the Interview: Strategies for a Successful Hire

Summer 2002: If You Build It, Will They Come: Museum Attendance ( PDF )

  • Museum Attendance Trends in New England
  • Success Stories from New England States
  • National and Regional Cultural Tourism Statistics
  • A Look at the Future of Heritage, Culture and Arts Tourism – by Karen Ida Peterson
  • Fifty-One Ways to Boost Attendance

The following articles were supplementary to the print issue and were posted online.

  • More Success Stories from NE States on How to Boost Attendance
  • A Look at the Future of Heritage, Cultural and Arts Tourism by Karen Peterson
  • Keys to Successful Marketing for Cultural Heritage Tourism by Amy Webb
  • An Introduction to Diversity's Importance for Museums by Tania Said and John T. Suau

Spring 2002: Museum Education ( PDF )

  • Museum Visits and Programs: What are the Perspectives of Teachers, Museum Educators, and Children? – by Nina Jensen
  • Museum Education Practice & Policies – by George Hein
  • In Search of Lifelong Learning – by John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking

Winter 2001: Museum Stores 

  • Achieving Success in your Museum Store – by Judy Flam and Arch Horst
  • Good Things Come in Little Packages: Making the Most of a Small Store Space – by Becki Swinehart
  • NICHE: A Model of Museum Store Cooperation – by Heidi Norton
  • Nonprofit Activities on the Web: Do the Old Rules Apply? – By Paula Cozzi Goedert
  • Best & Worst Selling Items—A Very Unscientific Survey!
  • The Art of Museum E-Commerce: What Store Managers Should Know – by Jennifer D. K. Brock

Fall 2001: Museum Volunteers

  • Risk Management and Museum Volunteers – by Judy Ciampoli
  • Care and Feeding of Volunteers – by Dr. Joan Bines
  • What the Volunteer Protection Act Doesn’t Cover – by Adam R. Walker, Esq.
  • Volunteer Recognition…On a Shoestring Budget
  • Volunteers: The Staff that Small Museums Are Made Of – by Sunnee Spencer
  • Training 101: An Introduction or Refresher on the Basics of Volunteer Training – American Association for Museum Volunteers
  • Dismissing Volunteers – by Paula Meadows
  • Master Volunteers – by Sarah Brophy