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NEMA periodically surveys its members on pertinent subjects and releases reports that give you a snapshot of current practices or opinions in our field.

Education SurveyMuseum Education 2015: A Benchmarking Survey
The ‘Whos’ and ‘Hows’ of Museum Education in New England
By Meg Winikates, Membership and Advocacy Manager, New England Museum Association

In the spring of 2015, NEMA conducted a survey of the region’s museums and institutions regarding the structure of and support for education in their organizations. This survey highlights the incredible variety of staff size and budgets among the many genres of institution. It also demonstrates the field’s universal commitment to serving a wide range of audiences and offering a diverse set of educational programs, no matter what the size of the organization.

With the assistance of museum staff from 78 institutions in New England, NEMA now presents a snapshot of the state of museum education in the region in 2015. To download your copy of the survey, click here.


Spot Check on the Paycheck: Museum Salaries & Benefits 1985 - 2010
By Dan Yaeger, Executive Director, and Heather A. Riggs, Communications and Operations Manager, New England Museum Association

Mission vs. Money: Surveying the Landscape of Museum Ethics
By Rebecca Smith, Assistant Curator, Chatham Marconi Maritime Center.  NEMA News, Fall 2013.
Read Rebecca Smith's full thesis on Mission vs. Money: Why Ethics Really Matter in Museums here.